Water Pipes That Leak

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Water Pipes That Leak

Over time, water pipes wear out, corrode and break. This can lead to water leaks which can waste water, damage floors and walls and encourage unwanted organic growth.

There are several ways to tell if you have a leak, but the first step is to shut off your main water valve. MJFRICK Nashville usually the location of your water leak within minutes.


One of the most common causes of leaking water pipes is that the joints haven’t been properly sealed. This can be due to poor craftsmanship or simply the natural ageing of the pipe itself.

It’s important to get these pipes fixed as soon as you spot any signs of a leak in your home. This will minimise damage and save you money in the long run.

The first thing to do is shut off the water supply to the leaking pipe. This will stop the water gushing into your ceiling and will also prevent any further water damage. Next, open a tap or two in the area to drain out any remaining water. This can also help to reduce the line pressure in your home, which will also make it easier to locate the source of the leak. Finally, you can use pipe repair rubber tape to create a temporary seal. This is ideal for pinhole leaks or small leaking joints and can be bought online or at most DIY and home improvement stores.

Tree Roots

Roots are essential to tree health. They anchor trees, bind soil and provide a transport system for water and nutrients. They also determine if a tree can withstand wind and droughts. Trees have woody structural roots near the trunk and fine feeder roots close to the surface.

Most roots live within six inches of the soil surface, where nutrient and oxygen availability are more favorable for growth. The interior of the root cells is slightly salty, and moisture naturally flows into those cells from outside the roots by osmosis.

Most homeowners prefer to plant trees with non-invasive roots to avoid damage to home foundations and plumbing pipes. A professional arborist can help you select the right trees for your yard and pick out those that will not intrude on underground plumbing.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes can freeze when they’re exposed to cold temperatures, if they’re located in drafty areas or if they have cracks that let in cold air. Frozen pipes can rupture and cause significant water damage to your home and belongings. If you suspect frozen pipes, thaw them using gentle heat, like an electric heating pad wrapped around the affected area, a hair dryer or a portable space heater kept away from flammable materials. Never use a blowtorch, charcoal stove or other open flame device on or near frozen pipes to avoid exposing yourself and your family members to dangerous fumes.

Be proactive in preventing freezing water pipes by checking your home for vulnerable spots that could be susceptible to cold weather, like outdoor spigots and swimming pool and sprinkler water supply lines in unheated areas of the house. Also, keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow warmer air to reach the exposed plumbing. Consider investing in insulating products specifically designed to protect water pipes from freezing.


When water pipes are leaking, it needs to be addressed immediately. Not only does it cause water damage to fixtures and appliances, but it also leads to the spread of mold and bacteria within your home. If a leaky pipe is left untreated for too long, you could have to spend thousands on repairing or replacing your entire household plumbing.

Over time, metal pipes corrode due to exposure to oxygen and other elements. This can lead to pinhole leaks or rust-colored sediment in your water supply. This also reduces the flow rate of your pipes, leading to lower water pressure in your fixtures and appliances.

The joints of your pipes are the weakest points. Poor workmanship, movement of your house or foundation, or expansion and contraction of the pipe material can all lead to deteriorating joints. If you hear banging or ticking noises when turning on your hot water, these may be signs of deteriorating joints.