Modern Front Doors

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Modern Front Doors

One of the most important aspects of modern home design is your front door. It’s the first impression guests have of your home and sets the tone for their entire experience.

Whites, blacks, and various shades of gray are safe bets for a modern front door color. Neutral hues are versatile and can easily adapt if you decide to alter your house’s exterior later.

Pivot Style

Pivot doors have gained popularity among homeowners because of their breath-taking beauty and superior engineering. They operate without the use of hinges that hang off a door’s side frame. They are ideal for wide entrances and add a luxurious vibe to a home’s architectural design.

Pivot door hardware also allows the door to open and shut more easily than traditional hinged doors. They can be custom sized to fit nearly any doorway and can be installed to open both inward and outward.

However, there are a few things to consider before choosing a pivot door for your home. First, they can create a large opening on the swing side where children could get their hands stuck and can pose a security risk. Secondly, they require additional support to withstand the weight of an oversized door panel.


While fun bright colors are popular for front doors in recent years, there’s something timeless about a black entry door. The deep color can enhance the elegance associated with a traditional house or emphasize the simple stylish experience of a contemporary home.

Black front doors pair beautifully with light-colored exteriors and create a striking contrast against neutral or dark brick houses. These doors also look attractive with sidelights and other accents that upgrade the aesthetic.

Black doors are available in various materials to match any architectural style, including wood and fiberglass. They’re an especially attractive option for homes with a black siding, as the dark color helps ground the colors of the house and reduces glare on windows. A black door with glass also adds a contemporary feel to the home’s entrance.


Gray has the power to upgrade your home’s exterior and create a sophisticated statement. When paired with the right tones, a gray front door can create a warm elegance that feels refined and upscale.

Green front doors can also add an earthy touch to a modern gray home. Light greens create a calming, natural statement that’s perfect for homes with wood accents and trims. Darker greens, like Sherwin Williams Clary Sage, can complement a darker brick or natural stone home.

Purple front doors are another option that can create a sophisticated statement. This rich color is associated with creativity and imagination. It’s also the color of royalty and luxury. According to feng shui, purple supports the qian, or water, area of the home’s bagua.


Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut or Lapacho is a dense & durable tropical wood that looks gorgeous, inhibits rot growth & requires very little maintenance. Ipe is a popular choice for modern homes due to its longevity and beauty.

This home features a honed Portuguese limestone driveway, waterfall and front door, with the warm wood tones of the Ipe siding tying the exterior together.

Ipe’s natural ability to resist rot, fungus, mildew and insects make it a great choice for the Lower Mainland climate. It can be sourced from a variety of locations in South America and is often used in bridges, piers, and fencing. It can also be sourced from water reclaimed trees, meaning no new living trees are cut down. Some manufacturers set a percentage tolerance for defects such as knots, burls, wane and checks.


A soft shade of yellow can bring a modern touch to any front garden, whether it’s paired with streamlined black sconce lighting or earthy wood and metal planters. A casual welcome mat and a pair of topiaries in square galvanized planters adds a relaxed feel to this home from Kate Marker Interiors.

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