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More About Melanie Olmstead – A Great Business Personality

More About Melanie Olmstead is a businesswoman who started her career as a secretary before embarking on her path to fame as a singer and actress. Although she was married to a much more successful man for several years, she was able to maintain her career as an actress and singer without ever losing sight of her love of acting. She even went on to produce and star in a number of successful films including the remake of Kingpin and the movie Vanilla Sky.

The Most Eccentric and Colorful Characters in Hollywood

Melanie is well known as one of the more eccentric and colorful characters in Hollywood, as her quirky sense of fashion and attitude made her an interesting and attractive character to play. In fact, More About Melanie Olmstead reveals much about her personality in the book as she relates how she goes about putting together her very unique outfits and how she dresses down to her casual beach outfit for entertaining at the beach. The book also gives a clear picture of her flirty personality as she is able to put humor in her approach to her business as she relates how she dresses down to go work in heels to get her primped look ready for a night on the town. However, More About Melanie Olmstead is not only a fun read about an interesting businesswoman, but it is also a great read about what really holds women back when it comes to achieving success in business.

This is a great little book that will help all of us to understand how the business personality of a woman can help to propel her into greater success. While most of us know someone who can be a successful businesswoman, many of us have wondered how those with other personalities manage to thrive in the business world. More About Melanie Olmstead explains how anyone can succeed in business whether they are friendly outgoing or somewhat reserved. Her success is not due to some secret formula that she has been carrying around since her days as a secretary. It is due to the way that she approaches her business and the manner in which she carries herself while in her profession.